Fashion is Us!

The Power of Fashion Bloggers

Dokumentation / D 2015
So, 30.10.
02:15 - 03:00
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The Power of Fashion Bloggers - Fashion shows have long ceased to be a meeting place exclusively for the fashion correspondents of traditional print media. These days young fashion bloggers sit next to the editors-in-chief of Vogue and Elle, competing with them for territory in the fashion world. But what impact is this having on the fashion industry? Can designers keep up with the rapid digital changes? Today, the editors of the glossy fashion magazines are sharing the front rows of fashion shows with young fashion bloggers. Clicks, likes and followers have become a measure of popularity, influence and advertising clout, now fundamentally influencing results in the billion-dollar fashion industry. But who are the new powerful players? And how are the traditional media reacting to the changes? What do these changes mean for the makers and shakers in the industry? What value does fashion have if it's to be created en masse? Is it still a powerful testament to the zeitgeist or has it become mere consumption? The documentary "Fashion is Us!" takes a look at the glamorous world of fashion in which fast trends dominate the market.


Kira Pohl
Nicola Graef

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