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Ayutthaya - The Siamese Capital, Thailand

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Mi, 02.11.
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Ayutthaya - The Siamese Capital, Thailand - In the 14th Century, the Ayutthaya Kingdom "the blessed City of Angels and Kings" grew into a major center of political power in Siam, today's Thailand. The ruins of the bell-shaped towers and the mighty temples and monasteries still give you and idea of its former size and splendor. The destruction of the city by Burmese troops in the 18th century also brought the Ayutthaya Kingdom to an end. But mighty statues of the Buddha, including the famous "Resting Buddha," still tower among the ruins of the religious buildings Legend has it that the "Resting Buddha" once tried to preach a sermon to a giant demon but the demon would not listen, so Buddha grew to many times his original to force the demon to respect his true greatnes. The tower of the Mahathat temple is supposed to be where the historical Buddha's remains were kept. The relics of holy men and the remains of the kings and their families were also kept in chambers beneath the towers and temples. The ruins of the temple of Wat Phra Si Sanphet are the most beautiful in the city and among the most photographed motifs in Thailand.

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