Safe Harbor Neu

Episode 19: Šibenik

Fr, 11.06.
12:00 - 12:05
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Episode 19: Šibenik - With over 1000 islands, beautiful medieval towns, countless bays, coves and beaches, the croatian coast is the perfect place to explore by boat. Sailing on a sailboat or a boat with your family and friends is the safest way to spend holidays in times of global pandemic. However, not only it is safer, but also incredibly beautiful as the Adriatic Sea is considered the Mediterranean paradise.Croatia has handled this crisis well, and in Safe Harbor Croatia we are ready to sail around the many beautiful islands to enjoy the wonderful local gastronomy. We introduce you to the most interesting towns and harbors in Croatia so you can choose your perfect spot for exploring or visiting. In each episode you will be presented with one destination, short introduction to local history, architecture, food and many other useful advices.Don't miss out on the most beautiful spots of Croatia in Safe Harbor, available on Nautical Channel.

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