A Man, a Dog and a Pickup Truck

In Search of America

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So, 30.10.
12:30 - 13:00
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In Search of America - The actor August Zirner travels across the United States with his dog Betsy. In the footsteps of Nobel Laureate John Steinbeck, he goes in search of the soul of America. As an American who has lived in Europe for 40 years, he is a stranger in his own country. Zirner meets the widest variety of people and asks them all the same question: What is America today? The glitter of Las Vegas may be very tempting, but things only get really interesting in the desert. Rumors about the top-secret military base Area 51, where they carried out research on aliens, are still circulating. Pat Travis, of the nearby pub "Little A'Le'Inn," waxes philosophical. "Everybody is basically scared. Just because someone's skin is a different color, they are scared of him. Just calm down! Take control of your own life and be happy!" These inspiring words send August and Betsy on to San Francisco. August has now crossed the US from east to west and for the last time encounters some of the country's many contradictions. In Salinas, John Steinbeck's birthplace, he once again realizes that many of the issues the writer tackled are today more relevant than ever.

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