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Mi, 15.07.
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Ocean1 News&Sports is on a mission to bring this factual relevance back to the forefront avoiding bias or partisanship, and rather by highlighting all facets of the story. Whether hard or light news, pure enjoyment or professional water sports, each edition takes audiences to a wider plane of understanding and perspective. Edited as two separate weekly five minute programs, one dedicated to general news the other to sports, each edition kicks off with a barrage of up to five brief 30 second stories on main events from around the globe. Informative and inspiring, comprehensive, balanced and reliable.Ocean1 News&Sports delivers with the latest current global events, trends, and human interest stories. Beyond popular and literary mystifications the sea remains today the main resource for life and human endeavour. Although most often overlooked than cherished, it remains and always will be the main pillar of existence and human endavour. From industry to sustainability and from mere passion to sports, the oceans hold the key to present and future.

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